3 Tips For Seeing The Smoky Mountain Fall Colors

3 Tips For Seeing The Smoky Mountain Fall Colors

If an autumn escape to the Appalachian Mountains is on your bucket list this year, you’ll certainly want to add a trip to Gatlinburg and The Smokies to the top of the to do list! Our beautiful mountains are a national treasure year-round, but when the leaves begin to show their true colors during the fall, the peaks and valleys transform into one of the most stunning sights that you’ll ever witness! We want to help you make the most of your trip by sharing a few tips for seeing the Smoky Mountain fall colors during your stay with us. Read over each of the tips, book your stay, pack your bags and get on your way because the mountains are waiting!

Check Online Resources

hike with fall foliageAs we all know nature does what nature does. There is no perfect formula to determine the exact time of the colors of fall will begin to show in the mountains. However, based on the weather patterns and science behind the changing of the leaves, predicting a window of time to see the best colors is possible. Every year is different and for the last couple of years, peak week has been arriving later than in the past. If you’re a leaf peeper and you’re hoping to schedule your trip to the Smoky Mountains around the best time to see the fall colors, you’ll want to take advantage of online resources. Visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s website and social media accounts will give you a great idea of how things are shaping up throughout the park. A quick google search for “fall prediction map” will pull up a map that will allow you to check the dates of your visit and compare them to the color that is being predicted during that time. Don’t forget to check the map for updates because changes could be made due to weather conditions. Online resources is one of the best tools that you have at your access for seeing the best of the colors each year, they’re also a great way to inspire you to take a last minute getaway to the mountains!

Fall Colors at Every Elevation

little river road with some fall colorsThe highest elevation in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park can be reached at Clingmans Dome. Sitting at 6,643 feet, Clingmans is not only the highest point in the Smokies but also the highest on the Appalachian Trail. The city of Gatlinburg however sits at only 1,289 feet in elevation. Thanks to the contrast between the two and all of the levels of the Smoky Mountains that you’ll find in between, the mountains reveal their beautiful fall colors at different stages. This is also gives locals and guests an opportunity to see the beauty of autumn in the hills over the course of several weeks. The earliest colors often begin at the top and as the days pass the shades of fall trickle down the mountains and into the valley. During your stay with us, make sure that you plan to visit locations in different areas of the park so that you can experience the many stages of the seasons that can be found along the way. If you’re hiking while in town, pick a trail that begins at a lower elevation and work your way up into the higher elevations. It’s a wonderful way to see the Smokies most stunning season up close and personal!

“Bad” Weather Adds to the Wonderment!

fall colors in the smoky mountainsIt’s very important when visiting the Smokies at any time of the year to be prepared for all of the weather conditions that you may encounter on your trip. If you glance at the forecast though and you see rain being predicted or a bounce in temperatures, don’t let that get you discouraged. A rainy day in the Smoky Mountains is one of the best days to see the magic of the hills firsthand! The vibrant autumn colors become deeper when saturated, the fog rises from the valley and the sunrises and sunsets will take your breath away as the weather patterns line up to reveal dreamy clouds and color. Overcast days are also the best time to take photographs in the mountains. At the mention of the forecast, we also want to remind you that due to the difference in elevation the temps will differ greatly between the lower and higher elevations. When packing for your trip, you’ll want to make sure that you bring along the right clothing for all the areas that you’ll be exploring. It’s not uncommon to a high in the 60’s at the lower levels and a low in the 20’s at Clingmans Dome. You’ll want to make sure that you toss a jacket and gloves into your vehicle so that once you arrive at the top you’ll be able to take in the autumn views of the mountains comfortably!

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