10 Reasons to Visit the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen in Sevierville

10 Reasons to Visit the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen in Sevierville

During your stay with us at our hotel in Sevierville, you will not only find yourself surrounded by some of the top local attractions, shops, and dining locations in the Smokies but you’ll also be next door to one of the most highly rated restaurants in the area: Five Oaks Farm Kitchen. This restaurant is difficult to truly describe with just words because it is far more than just a building. It’s an authentic experience and a place that is filled with soul and southern hospitality. We have put together 10 reasons for taking the time to visit this dearly loved restaurant during your next trip to the Smoky Mountains!

1. Enjoy Local History and Hospitality

inside of five oaks farm kitchen in SeviervilleOne of the first things you’ll notice when visiting the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen is the old truck sitting outside and the sign above the door that reads “Welcome To The Farm” – Dr. J. Ogle 1925. That’s where the story began here in the hills of Tennessee, long before even the vision of the restaurant ever came to be. In 1925, our owner’s grandparents, Dr. John W. Ogle and his lovely wife Blanche, purchased the land that surrounds the hotel and the farm kitchen. It was then that Dr. Ogle planted five oak trees on the property and named their home the Five Oaks Farm. Their farmhouse still sits across the street and is home to the offices of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. When you enter the restaurant, take a minute to tour the property and view all of the family photographs that you’ll find on the walls and get to know the Ogle family. Having guests dine at the restaurant is the family’s way of sharing their family kitchen with travelers in a similar way to how their grandmother Blanche Ogle did so lovingly for many years.

2. Beautiful and Charming Property

The Five Oaks Farm Kitchen is a stunning 17,000-square-foot, red, two-story structure with high ceilings, farm-style seating, beautiful lightning, and decor that reflects the history of the Five Oaks Farm.

3. Friendly and Helpful Staff

dining area in five oaks farm kitchen

If you check reviews for this Sevierville restaurant, you’ll see praises for the wonderful staff. The interactions between guests and staff are always friendly, relaxed, and down to earth. That type of service is what makes the experience pleasant, as well as a reflection of the charm that is found throughout East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains.

4. Prompt Service

With the number of travelers that visit the Smokies every year, it’s common to find that you’ll have an extended wait at local dining locations. However, rarely does that occur at the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen. The spacious building, remarkable kitchen staff, and management work well together and provide prompt service and seating for guests. You also have the option of joining the wait list before arriving to secure quick seating.

5. Delicious Breakfast

pancake covered in chocolate syrup and strawberries from five oaks farm kitchenDuring your stay with us, you’ll receive a free complimentary breakfast daily. However, if you’re staying multiple days, definitely try out the breakfast at the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen on one morning of your visit! From griddle cakes to breakfast casseroles, they have everything you’ll need to kickstart a day of exploring the Smokies!

6. Incredible Supper

Supper is served on the farm beginning at 4 pm, and the kitchen whips up bountiful meals until closing time. You’ll find farm table classics, plenty of side dishes, soups, southern favorites, items on the smoke house menu, and more! Cornbread salad, pork ribs, rainbow trout, and smokehouse sampling are just a few of the favorites among guests!

7. Mouth-Watering Dessert

cobbler with ice cream on top from five oaks farm kitchen

Window Sill Cobbler, banana pudding, old fashioned chocolate, and the best cinnamon rolls in the Smokies await you on the dessert menu at this restaurant in Sevierville. It’s ok, you can skip straight to dessert; that’s what vacations are for!

8. Generous Portions

If you’re traveling with family or a lover of leftovers, then you’ll enjoy the generous portions that are served at each meal time. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you! Arrive extra hungry, share, or be prepared to bring a to go container back with you to the hotel!

9. Group Dining Options

rocking chairs on the front porch of five oaks farm kitchen in seviervilleThanks to the design and spacious layout of the building, the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen is an excellent place for large groups. At Oak Tree Lodge, we also love large groups. If you’re planning a wedding in the Smokies, a business retreat, a family reunion, or other social event keep us in mind!

10. You’re Just Steps Away

One of the top reasons for visiting the Five Oaks Farm Kitchen in Sevierville is because when you stay with us, you’ll be just steps away from one of the best dining experiences in all of the Smoky Mountains. It’s a perfect plan for an evening of relaxing before heading back home to the real world!

We know you can’t wait to try Five Oaks Farm Kitchen on your next trip to the Smokies! Are you ready to plan your getaway to the Smoky Mountains? We think you’ll find that our guest rooms are perfect for families, couples, singles, groups, and more!