Come Play In The Snow of Ober Gatlinburg

Come Play In The Snow of Ober Gatlinburg

In Ober Gatlinburg once the temperature drops and the humidity is low enough if there is no snow on the mountain, they are able to make their own, allowing them to cover their mountain in snow even when Jack Frost hasn’t visited for a while. They have crews that work 24 hours a day and seven days a week to make sure that there is snow on the mountains for the visitors to enjoy. Many people that used to travel north to ski the slopes are now finding that they can find the same thrill of skiing in the south at Ober Gatlinburg. The winter activities can typically be enjoyed at Ober Gatlinburg starting before Christmas and through early March.

Winter Activities at Ober Gatlinburg

Ober Gatlinburg offers other winter activities too with great snow tubing on the mountains that everyone will enjoy and a indoor ice skating. People of all ages from toddlers to adults enjoy a great day on the mountain riding their tube through the snow. For the little ones under 6 years of age there are double tubes for them to enjoy the ride with an adult. Many people visit Ober Gatlinburg to enjoy snow boarding as well. Snow boarding, snow skiing and snow tubing are the top activities that people can enjoy when visiting the mountain. There are 9 trails, 9 slopes and 4 lifts that make the mountain so exciting. Ober Gatlinburg even offers night skiing.

For those interested in skiing and snowboarding on their visit to Ober Gatlinburg have the advantage of the professional trainers that the resort has. Lessons are great for beginners to teach them how to safely get the most enjoyment out of the mountain. Beginners will learn the art of stopping, slowing down and turning so that they are able to enjoy the fun and excitement that Ober Gatlinburg offers on the mountain. Lessons are also available for an intermediate and advance level for those that just want to improve their skills. The mountain offers trainers to teach beginners how to snow board and ski. There are different runs for different skill levels just like at any other ski resort that you might visit.

Start planning your winter getaway to enjoy the snow of the Smoky Mountains. The ability for having snow when the temperatures are right whether it comes from the sky or from a machine is a great advantage at Ober Gatlinburg that allows for a longer season of a certainty that the slopes can be enjoyed. Before planning your trip check the Ober Gatlinburg ski slope reports for current conditions, slopes open, and times open. If you want to travel light or haven’t invested in your own ski gear yet you will find everything you might need available both for purchase and to rent.