4 Reasons to Stay at Our Pigeon Forge Hotel with a Jacuzzi in the Room

There’s nothing more perfect than ending a long, exciting day of exploring the attractions in Pigeon Forge by soaking in a warm Jacuzzi. And what’s better than if that Jacuzzi is in your very own hotel room? Here are four reasons you’ll love staying in our Pigeon Forge hotel with a Jacuzzi in the room.

Romantic couple snuggling in the bubbly tub with rose petals at their Pigeon Forge hotel Jacuzzi suite.1. The romance

If you’re planning a romantic weekend with you and your loved one, you’ll love our King room with a Jacuzzi. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or just sharing a private getaway with one another, you can’t beat a romantic dip in the Jacuzzi. Bring the romance by sharing a drink and chatting the night away while soaking side by side in a relaxing Jacuzzi. Try our King suite with both a Jacuzzi and a fireplace for the ultimate couple’s weekend!

2. The warmth

There’s no denying it, the colder weather is here. When you stay at our Pigeon Forge hotel with a Jacuzzi in the room though, you won’t have to be cold for long. Take comfort in the fact you have a cozy hotel room to go back to after a chilly day of adventures in Pigeon Forge. Let your worries and your coldness fade away as you relax in the warm Jacuzzi while enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate.

3. The relaxationWoman relaxing in the tub at a Pigeon Forge hotel Jacuzzi suite.

You’ve done it all: went for a hike, went for a bike ride through the mountains, and even went ziplining for the first time! Let’s face it, the only thing left on your itinerary is relaxation. Taking a dip in your Jacuzzi is the perfect answer to all your wishes. You’ll feel so relaxed that you’re sure to have the best night’s sleep.

4. The health benefits

Not only will you love the relaxation of staying in one of our Jacuzzi rooms, but your body will thank you. Jacuzzi’s are known to ease muscle pain and improve circulation. After an intense hike through the Smoky Mountains, your body is sure to be sore. Take advantage of the Jacuzzi and let the jets soothe your muscles. The hot water is not only relaxing, but improves circulation as well, which will cause you to have less pain in your joints. You’ll feel healthy, happy and ready to take on another day in Pigeon Forge!

You can’t beat the benefits of staying in our Pigeon Forge hotel with a Jacuzzi in the room. If you’re searching for an extra cozy room, you can book our King room with both a Jacuzzi and a fireplace! Check out all of our rooms at The Oak Tree Lodge to find the perfect room for your stay. We look forward to seeing you soon at Oak Tree Lodge!