3 Reasons a Stay at Our Hotel in Sevierville is the Perfect Gift

3 Reasons a Stay at Our Hotel in Sevierville is the Perfect Gift

At the Oak Tree Lodge we know that often the best gift that can be given is a gift of time away and a great experience of being a guest. Guests in a special place, don’t have worry about cooking breakfast for the family or even making the bed. As a guest, the focus is on the person that’s being treated to the hospitality. However, in a world of hectic schedules and monthly budgets too many people don’t make time to escape for a little pampering. We’re certain that there are people in your life that fit that description and maybe you can’t provide them the escape they deserve in your home, but we can in ours. With that said, you giving them a stay at our hotel is perfect for many reasons, but there are few that we wanted to put focus on. As you read over each, think of someone in your life that you would love to treat and consider giving time at our home away from home to them, the next time time they have a special occasion. Random acts of love and surprises are always wonderful as well!


Sevierville Tanger OutletsWhen many people start to plan their vacation, they become overwhelmed at the costs and the preparation of a budget. By giving a loved one in your life a hotel gift card, you can take away a large portion of that concern. It is said that money can’t buy happiness but that it can buy an experience and it is in experiences where the greatest of happiness is found and beautiful memories are made. Help a loved one make memories without the worry of them being able to afford the trip on their own. Plus, if they save by using your gift card, it will leave them with more money having fun at local attractions, shopping and dining out.

One Size Fits All

It’s pretty safe to say that if you give someone a stay in the Smoky Mountains that your gift will not end up in the “to be regifted” area of their home. A gift card to our hotel is the perfect gift for anyone and for every occasion! Going to a wedding this spring? Surprise the newlyweds with a couple of nights in the mountains. From birthdays to retirement or even the loss of a loved one, a relaxing getaway is good for the soul and will be greatly appreciated! Afterall, the gift of time away is priceless.

5 Properties, 5 Stories, 5 Experiences

Smoky MountainsThe Oak Tree Lodge family is made up of 5 very unique and locally owned hotels in the Smoky Mountains. Each hotel is based on a beautiful piece of Smoky Mountain history and with each property comes a authentic and home away from home experience. The gift card that you purchase from us, can be used at our hotel but also any of the hotels in our family. Next to our location is our The Lodge at Five Oaks, a rustic and warm hotel that is also based on the family farm that once sat on our property. The Appy Lodge in Gatlinburg is half museum and half hotel, with the property and the experience being focused on America’s most loved footpath, the Appalachian Trail. Bearskin Lodge on the River and Old Creek Lodge in Gatlinburg area also in our family and have a great amount of history and character. The recipient of your gift will have the opportunity to pick the hotel that best fits their preferences.

Giving the gift of a stay at our hotel or one of our sister hotels is a gift that will give far more than you could ever measure. Your loved ones will be treated to southern hospitality, relaxing and cozy guest rooms with numerous amenities, time by the fire pits and swimming pool as well as being surrounded by the beauty of the Smokies.

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If you’re ready to give yourself a Smoky Mountain getaway, browse our hotel rooms and we hope to see you soon!