3 Reasons to Bring Your Pet When You Stay at Our Hotel in Sevierville

3 Reasons to Bring Your Pet When You Stay at Our Hotel in Sevierville

At our hotel, Oak Tree Lodge in Sevierville, we now offer pet-friendly rooms. We know that our guests are more likely to enjoy their vacation they have all of their family members with them, including the cute and furry members! So, we wanted to share a few reasons for why you’ll want to bring your pet along on your next trip to the Smokies!

It’s an Adventure for Everyone!

Cades Cove Loop Road in the summerEveryone loves an adventure! Pets included! Many areas in the Smokies are pet friendly and will welcome your furry friend. Plus, for your pup, going out for an adventure with you is far better than being locked up at home. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park only allows dogs on 2 trails, the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. However, you’re still welcome to take your leashed dog along for a picnic, a walk along the backroads or for a scenic drive! From now until late September you can also walk your pup on Cades Cove Loop Road until 10am on Wednesday and Saturday with no concern of vehicles due to the gate being closed. Keep in mind that wildlife may still be present though and all dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6ft long. Fill a backpack with treats and water for you and go explore the Smokies!

You Can Relax

During your stay with us we want you to not only have the comfort of home through the amenities that we offer, but also just simply the comfort of knowing that your pet is safe and being cared for. We also understand that leaving your pet behind can, at times, cause anxiety for them as well as you or other family members. By choosing to book one of our pet-friendly rooms, you’ll be at peace during your trip to the Smokies knowing that he or she is cared for and happy. A priceless feeling when it comes to those that we love.

You’ll Save Money

pet friendly room in sevierville hotelBringing your pet with you on your next vacation can also save you money. Placing your dog in a kennel for the week or paying a pet sitter can get expensive very quickly! Especially if it’s a licensed person or place that is providing the type of high-quality care that your pet deserves. Allowing them to join you on vacation will not only keep you be at peace with knowing that they are in good hands, your hands… But, you can also save money by bringing them along and use the money saved to do even more fun things on your trip!

During your stay with us, you’ll not only enjoy all of the fun that comes with bringing your pet along, but also all of our amenities as well as nearby attractions and the beauty of the Smokies! Take a minute to check out our specials and our pet-friendly rooms then book your next vacation to the Smoky Mountains!

We’ll see you soon!